Real Estate Continuing Education | Know Your Options

Each year, Realtors ponder what their continuing education options are. With a raging pandemic and much of the world on lockdown or social distancing, booking a popular booze cruise for continuing education is out of the question. There are, however, virtual options available for you to consider. 

What is continuing education?

Continuing education is the requirement that professionals stay abreast of changes in their industry by taking a certain number of courses each year. Many fields have this requirement, including medicine, dentistry, education, and real estate. 

How much continuing education are you required to take?

The state you live and work in determines how much continuing education you take each year in order to maintain your real estate license. This information is usually determined by the state's Department of Commerce or Department of Licensing. In Michigan, for example, you are required to prove that you have taken 6 credits of continuing education -- two each year -- when you renew your real estate license every three years. 

NAR, the National Association of Realtors, maintains a list of each state's licensing requirements here. Additionally, they require that an ethics course be part of your continuing education once every two years. You must submit proof in order to maintain membership in good standing with NAR. 

How do you stay safe and still take the necessary continuing education classes?

The easiest way to stay safe and get in your continuing education hours is to participate in a virtual real estate CE course. Taking CE courses online and attending meetings remotely is the new norm now and will likely remain so in the future. Your local real estate board should have a list of courses that are being offered. You can also check with your office manager to see if there is a group course planned for your franchise location.

How are virtual real estate continuing classes beneficial?

In addition to helping you with social distancing, virtual courses are very convenient for busy Realtors. Unlike other professionals, real estate agents do not live 9-to-5 lives. They typically work many nights and weekends in order to be available to sell houses when their client's work schedule permits. This makes it hard to commit to attending an evening class several weeks in a row or blocking off an entire Saturday.  

Continuing education is a necessary part of being a real estate agent. It is made much easier, however, through the use of virtual real estate continuing education courses. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers virtual real estate continuing education courses.